A trauma psychologist weighs in on the risks of ‘motivational’ pressure during quarantine

This what I was saying earlier this week…

“Even those of us who are still employed full-time are finding it difficult to focus some days like we used to. The enormity of this pandemic and the global shutdown over it weighs heavy on all of us. Our sense of normality has been turned upside down and the uncertainty over what even the near future holds makes sustained attention a challenge.” Read full story.

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14 life lessons learned in 24 years running

14 life lessons learned in 24 years running

This week marks the beginning of my 25th year as a runner. On March 4, 1996 I laced up my shoes for the first time and with really no idea of what I was doing podded through a two mile ring of my apartment building in Hackensack, New Jersey. (Read about that HERE).

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