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Spending 20 years as a fundraiser and non-profit executive (for more about my career and education, look at my profile on LinkedIn), actively investing in my community and making a difference remains important to me.

TheCauseCoach was born out of my previous consultancy (the Cause Connection), because I wanted to put more emphasis on coaching – essentially giving my non-profit clients the tools to do the work themselves rather than doing it all for them. The whole idea behind teaching one to fish and feeding them for life, verses giving them the fish to feed them for the day.

Please explore the Coaching page to learn more about how I can help support your cause. I urge you to reach out to discuss what you’re thinking and see if we’re a good fit. That can be scheduled by emailing me here.


Side Passion

There are two “side passions” that figure prominently info my life: writing and running.

As a communications major in college my plan was to be a journalist, but I sold my soul for more money and found myself on the advertising sales side of the newspaper business at the start of my career. The desire to express myself and share ideas through writing stayed with me.

I started writing a blog (see The Blog) partly as a catharsis following a cancer diagnosis in early 2014 and my husband’s sudden and tragic death eight months later. Although publicly I saw my purpose as providing helpful information to my consulting clients and followers, what transpired was a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

I’m am also runner. In the past 25 years, I have logged about 19,000 miles and completed close to 300 races including 48 Half Marathons (1:46:41) and 10 Full Marathons (3:57:51). I’m not the fastest runner. I don’t run every day. I run to stay fit. I run to stay sane.

Running was a big part of my recovery in 2014 – both physically and mentally. People have told me how strong I am to have endured all that I did. I’m not stronger than anyone. We all have that same strength within us. I had a means through which I could cope. My training runs are where I took out my anger, where I cried. And where I also felt alive. And where I regained my passion for life.

Putting It All Together

As a runner, I favor races that raise money for a cause and I have personally raised close to $100,000 for a variety of charities through my own cause-running efforts.

I became a Road Runners Club of America Certified Running Coach in 2016. Then I studied to become a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) that same year.  Co-Active meaning being as well as doing. Whether coaching beginner (or returning) runners, or non-profit executives, I always take that two-pronged approach. I don’t just keep you accountable for your goals; together we create meaning in who you are becoming by exploring what’s truly important and motivational.

I write about causes; I write about running; I write about how to proceed on this journey called life. Please stay with me. I post something new in The Blog about once a week.  Please join the email list (see “subscribe” in the right column) to receive all new posts in your in-box (better than forgetting to come here and missing something).  Feel free to join the conversation. I welcome your comments and opinions about what I post.

You can find me on Facebook as TheCauseCoach. Included here is also my Stava (right column) and Instagram (Gallery) feeds. For more details, follow me on those platforms too. 

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