Planning to run a marathon for charity? Wondering how you can go from “fundraising is out of my comfort zone” to smashing your goal? Trying to get into a coveted sold-out big marathon or half and thinking about getting in through a charity team, but aren’t sure how to chose the right one? Just starting your journey as a runner with no idea where it might lead? There is something for you here.

In 1996, as a happy coincidence, I started running and started a new career in fundraising! In 1997, I ran my first marathon and raised my first $5,000 as a charity runner. Succeeding at both was life changing, and I have been working ever since to incorporate fundraising into my running and running into my fundraising.

Everyone should run a marathon – and everyone should run for charity! Stay connected to learn more about my journey, and how I can help you on yours; how to choose a charity, how to make fundraising fun, and what activities will help you exceed your goal. Have your questions answered. Connecting is FREE!

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I write with the hope of inspiring better physical and mental health and a passion for life. And no, you don’t need to be a runner. Just be open to possibilities, ready to live your values, and say good-bye to self-doubt (see The Blog).

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the podcast

Podcast objectives: 

  • promote charity running and best fundraising practices for charity runners
  • highlight various charity teams and causes raising money through running events
  • share information on training, nutrition, injury prevention, etc.
  • go beyond my own experience and opinions by including a variety of experts in the field like charity team coordinators, coaches, race directors, running retailers, and other running personalities.

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