What is The Cause?

We often talk about the connection between mind and body – visualizing positive outcomes, training our minds, the importance of building “mental fortitude” – during our physical training. While it’s important to consider the connection between mind and body (being as well as doing) as we look to achieve our goals, another important consideration is the soul (or feeling).

And that’s where the “cause” comes in. A cause by definition is something that gives rise to action. A cause can be positive, negative, personal or philanthropic, but it’s ultimately what motivates us.

I had been having this debate in my mind for several months about the name of my business.  As I explained back in July 2016, in The Story of the Cause Coach (or what I do, Part 2), “Cause” was something that had evolved from my work with non-profits. When I started my coaching journey, it was to move from consulting to coaching my non-profit clients. However, I also knew I’d be most satisfied if I could create a career out of my passion for running and that’s what I was thinking when I got my running coach certification. So, this is what I’ve done.

Working with my own coach, I was asked if “cause” was still important to me. Did I still want there to be a charitable component to my work? The answer was yes. I recognized that community service and philanthropy was not just my professional experience but values that had been engrained in me since my youth. My personal journey of transformation also brought me to the conclusion that personal vision – our cause – is important.

I have raised over $90,000 for a variety of charities through 7 marathons and many of my 41 half marathons. These were some very meaningful efforts and the fundraising component is often what kept me motivated. Both from my own personal experience and having been on the non-profit side, I have seen how being able to run a marathon – and raise money – can often restore some bit of control to a person whose life feels out of control because they or their family has been stricken with a disease or affected by an issue. Many people chose to take those first steps because of an innate feeling or need “to do something.” This is the soul.

TheCauseCoach – my business – is me pursuing my vision of helping people “do something,” finding their true capabilities, bringing new meaning to their lives and living the visions they create for themselves and the world around them. Pursuing the cause, whether it’s personal or philanthropic, is what completes us. What I am looking to achieve for my clients is a true connection of mind, body – and soul.

Please visit my web site for a full menu of the programs I will be offering to individuals. If you are with a non-profit and are interested in training your group for your upcoming cause-running effort or want to encourage people to run your local 5k by offering a beginning program, I can help. Please contact me.

If you’re looking to get into the NYC Half Marathon scheduled for Sunday, March 18, or simply want to support Habitat for Humanity of Bergen County, they have a few charity spots available! Please contact Gloria Bello at Bergen Habitat (201-457-1020). There are some rules and guidelines in order to participate. Since this is a fundraiser, you are required to raise $1,000.00. If you are not able to raise that amount (through online donations, checks or cash) you are charged (via credit card) for the difference. Also, there is an entrance fee of $250, but if you are a member of the New York Road Runners it is less. Each runner is promoted via email and social media posts. Please consider and reach out if you would like to participate.

This week in marathon training.Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 7.10.44 PM

Relaxing on the beach post-Half Marathon. Huntington Beach, California. February 2018.


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