Podcast S1 | E2: My First Podcast Guest! (Jaclyn Ricchio Stover)

My first podcast guest is Jaclyn Ricchio Stover of the “Actually, You are a Real Runner” podcast and Systems for Self-Care. Jaclyn and I met last spring when she was volunteering with the Chicago Area Runners Association at a ‘Go Run in Warren Park. She introduced me to the world of podcasting in October when she had me as a guest on her show (Listen HERE). I am now thrilled to return the favor and welcome her to theCauseCoach podcast.

If you’re running, if you’re planning to train for a marathon in 2022, it’s not all about running. I often talk about the conditioning, strength-training, rest and recovery, and nutrition that’s needed to stay healthy and arrive at the start line in one piece. January is a time when many of us try to create better habits, maybe have goals for weigh loss, or at least healthier eating. But then by February we’re struggling and need help. This is what Jaclyn does! She helps casualties of restrictive diets stop obsessing and start enjoying food again.

Join us as we discuss a better approach to new Year’s Resolutions. How it becomes “all or nothing” and “all” doesn’t last because it’s too restrictive. Learn more about Jaclyn’s focus on moderation. How her “Five Ps” offer a much better approach to healthy eating. We talk about balancing workouts and fueling, creating balance between fueling enough for your workout vs. too much “rewarding” that undermines your workouts.

Jaclyn’s “Imperfect Eating” approach helps create structure without being obsessive and she answers the question “how do you stay motivated and on track, and build healthy habits for the long haul.”

Regardless of what your training plans are this year, this is a must-listen if you want to get off to the right start in 2022!

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