Podcast S1 | E3: The Added Value of Team Reeve

The added value of being a charity runner for Team Reeve is clearly their coach, Mark Zenobia. Join us on this week’s podcast to learn more about his passion for Team Reeve and the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, and how his guidance and expertise gets runners to the marathon start line and exceeding fundraising goals!

Mark Zenobia

Now I may be a little bias because I’ve known Mark for almost 25 years and we’ve not only worked for one another on various projects, we have maintained a long friendship. Mark has been my personal mentor in the areas of running event direction and charity running, although it has been my experience that Mark’s professionalism and his infectious energy, enthusiasm and kindness have touched many.

Before his retirement from race direction, he directed about 900 races as New Jersey’s premiere race management company, On Your Mark Productions, through last year. Since getting involved with Team Reeve, he has gone on to coach in the neighborhood of 700 or 800 runners in the last dozen years.

I caught up with Mark at his home in Wilmington, North Carolina. We talk about his process for working with charity runners, some of the best practices he employs, and how his recent diagnosis with ALS is just putting him in the right place, not slowing him down. If you’re looking to run Chicago or New York in 2022, Team Reeve has spots for both. There are lots of perks, not the least of which is working with Mark.

Please tune in to learn more about what running for Team Reeve entails and why this incredible organization needs you.

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