Podcast S1|E25: Betsy Magato, Charge Running & The Kyle Pease Foundation

Apps have expanded what runners can do and have made training experiences better. Betsy Magato discusses Charge Running and the impact they have had on running, runners, and charities alike. We also talk about her running journey that started on the soccer field in childhood through most recently helping disabled athletes reach their goals. Her business is Charge Running, her cause is the Kyle Pease Foundation, and this is another inspiring guest! She is a marathoner, 15x Boston qualifier, RRCA and Galloway certified coach, and mom of three.

To learn more or to find Betsy:

Charge Running: https://www.chargerunning.com; @chargerunning on socials (especially check out their Instagram!)

Betsy’s Instagram: @runrunstrongcoach

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