Podcast S1|E7: Dana White, Coach, Personal Trainer and Founder of Jersey Women Strong

Please join us today as I welcome Dana White the founder of Jersey Women Strong, New Jersey’s largest all-women’s running and multi-sport club. This phenomenal organization “empowers women to improve their own well-being through fitness and exercise while strengthening our local community through philanthropic outreach and volunteerism.”

Dana discusses her background, the origins of the organization, and their ties to the community in Northern New Jersey. Their U Can 5k program is a great place to start – for women of all ages, but Dana grew the group because participants simple asked “what’s next” and she answered! We also talk about the importance of the charitable tie-in.

Dana White

She explains, “I now have people who join the team because they know we do (charitable) outreach and maybe they want to start running and vice versa – women who have a lot of free time and we’re able to introduce them to new (charitable) organizations. It’s really been a great marriage to have those two things intertwined.”

Between the 150+ member Jersey Women Strong team and her Unweighed Project, Dana is building a strong community of life-long runners and athletes who also care about their community while developing healthy habits! If you’re looking to be inspired, look no further than today’s podcast!

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