Podcast S1 | E6: Bill Nugent, Running for Project Purple

Bill Nugent started running as a way to regain health and fitness. It gave him a way to manage his grief following the loss of his mother to pancreatic cancer. He is now an ambassador for Project Purple, a running-focused  organization dedicated to improving the lives of pancreatic cancer patients through support, hope, & compassion.

Bill on the way to 132 miles in February 2022 (curtesy of @wfnugent on Instagram)

His charity running journey this year is taking him to new places – literally! He will be running not one, but two destination marathons in 2022. This month he has set a goal of running 132 miles for pancreatic cancer awareness. Join us to find out why 132 is significant.

His fundraising goal is $10,000, so discuss overcoming donor fatigue, since this is not his first time fundraising for Project Purple. We also discuss the added benefits of destination races (hint: great way to get family member more enthusiastic about your running goals) and conquering the Abbott World Majors.

I got to know Bill through my New Jersey based running club, De Novo Harriers. Even though Bill joined after my move to Chicago, we connected in-person when he was in town for the Marathon in 2019, running for – you guessed it! – Project Purple. This is a fun episode!

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