Will Running a Marathon Make You Wealthier?

We often talk about the connection between the mind and the body. A couple weeks ago I wrote about the power of visualization. I also know from my research and my own experience that training the mind is just as important as training the body.  But when mind and body are working together and you’re achieving great results, what’s the real payoff? In other words, how does that affect your bottom line? Or will running a marathon make you wealthier?

Research suggests it will.  We have all heard about the many benefits of regular exercise. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the benefits of physical activity include controlling your weight; reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease, Type-2 diabetes and some cancers; strengthening your bones and muscles; improving your mental health and mood and your ability to do daily tasks, and also increase your chances of living longer. The conclusion of course is that if you are healthier you’ll be more productive and your earning power will be greater.

“NASA conducted a study showing that people who make exercise a habit are consistently more productive after seven hours of work than those that don’t. Why? Because you’ll have better executive function, more energy, less stress, a clear mind, and confidence,” explained former Navy SEAL Brent Gleeson in “How Getting Fit Can Get You Promoted” (Inc April 2014).

“Money and health: They’re American obsessions. And no matter what your financial or physical well-being is, most folks make an attempt each new year to save more money and get in better shape. Bankrate spoke to some experts and came up with five easy ways to do both at the same time. Together, the health benefits can add up long term in the form of lower medical costs and insurance premiums. Studies also show that fitter folks tend to earn more and get promoted more quickly.” Read More… 

But will going beyond the recommendation of 30 minutes of daily moderate exercise – say training for a marathon – have a greater impact on your wealth? Back in August, I wrote about how running can make you a better employee and cited a study that showed companies led by CEOs who had completed a marathon were financially more successful. So marathoning, it can be argued, impacts career success in a positive way.

Or perhaps, there are lessons to be learned in running a marathon that can be applied to good financial management. The Wealth Brick Road, points out in their Money Tips: “How Running Can Make You Wealthy,” that marathoners and some of the world’s most self-made wealthy individuals, share similar traits.  They explain those traits include starting small and building, setting realistic goals and sticking to them, not making excuses, and that what they lack in ability they make up for in effort.

After running seven full marathons and 40 half marathons, I’d should be able to retire! Although with Marathon #8 and the latest reinvention of myself on the horizon, I’ve only just begun!

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Saddle River County Park. Fair Lawn, New Jersey. January 2017.

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