Podcast S1|E11: Jacqueline Sheedy, a very special St. Patrick’s Day guest

On this podcast my sister, Jacqueline and I talk about life and running in Ireland, her fundraising activities, and her Irish Travel vlog. There isn’t a finer way to spend St. Patrick’s Day!

Find Jacqueline at…

iRun iHike iCamp: Travel Vlog on YouTube, also fine iRun iHike iCamp on Instagram and Facebook.

Jigsaw: https://jigsaw.ie Jacqueline’s Fundraising page: http://www.idonate.ie/JacquelineSheedy (and by the way, abseiling is repelling, just incase you were wondering)

Irish Cancer Society: https://www.cancer.ie (Jacquelines fundraising page to come).

To find races in Ireland on “My Race Results” choose “All Events” and then specify “running” under sport and “Ireland” under country.

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