I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

During the month of May last year I was essentially working four part-time jobs. Managing that kind of a schedule doesn’t work for me. It makes me irritable. I found having that much (unrelated) responsibility competing for my attention, and working such an inconsistent schedule, was more than I could manage. The income I was able to cobble together didn’t cut it either.

I worked with my coach (coaches are a very worthwhile investment!) into the fall and committed to taking on more hours at my retail job while I recommitted to my own coaching business. I picked up several coaching clients that I could easily schedule around my consistent hours at the store. There was this thought gnawing at me though. I am capable of so much more. I wanted to contribute a little more to the household income and didn’t want my daughter to finish college in debt.

As luck would have it, the job at CARA came along. I cut down on my retail hours, but was able to keep a schedule of coaching clients and my volunteer coaching gig with Gilda’s Club. Then of course COVID-19 happened and that came to an end – at least my full-time job did. Everything else, although all virtual, was still intact. 

Maybe the universe was trying to tell me something. Maybe I was suppose to commit to coaching and make that a priority. The clients I’ve worked with this year have helped me renew my faith in myself as a coach. Working with them I’ve also realized how, now more than ever, coaching is extremely relevant. 

Speaking with friends and reading social media posts over the last few months, I know a lot of us have been struggling with what I will collectively call “wellness”.  During the stay-at-home order many of us gained the “quarantine 15” or all of this has just zapped are motivation that’s now affecting several areas of our lives. Many have started at-home fitness routines and are not sure where to go with it. For some, the time at home has simply been a time of reflection and the conclusion is that change is needed. 

Coaches help guide clients through the choices they make, from workout routines, to home life, or career. Making an investment in personal wellness now will pay tremendous dividends.  The one thing my coach pointed out to me is that I haven’t done much to promote my business since I arrived in Chicago. And she was right. I allowed lots of distractions to take over and become excuses. Not any more.

A few noteworthy things came out of three months of working from home. Because this was the first time I worked full-time from home, I became more disciplined about getting work done and setting some boundaries around work hours. As a result I developed a consistent routine which I need to thrive. I am applying all of this to promoting my business and scheduling clients. Somehow all this is coming effortlessly in a way that it never did in the past two years.

So I’m all in. I’m ready to be of service to you. I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.  Co-Active meaning being as well as doing. Whether coaching beginner athletes, empty-nesting moms, or non-profit executives, I always take that two-pronged approach. I don’t just keep you accountable for your goals, together we create meaning in who you are becoming by exploring what’s truly important and motivational.

If you would like to learn more about what coaching could do for you, please reach out and we can schedule some time to chat about your goals and see if it’s a good fit. There is absolutely no obligation to take this risk-free step.  At the very least, please follow thecauseCoach on Facebook and get involve in the conversation.

Solo Run. Vernon Hills, Illinois. July 2020.

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