Reset for a New Year

When I published my first blog a year ago, I said, “as much as my blog is going to be about fundraising and non-profit management, it’s going to be about how I bring who I am as a runner into every day, and every project; how I approach work and life pretty much the same way I approach a run.” That’s who I was then. Professionally I’m still a fundraiser, but by the end of July, I had redefined “cause” in “cause coach” from a charity I was trying to help to being who I was…”the cause coach: giving rise to action.” Running remains the constant.

The blog this year is going to be true to my personal mission of giving rise to action; helping you achieve your goals whether that is running a big race, transitioning to a new chapter in your life, or simply surviving each new – often unpredictable – day. We’ll look at how we can best honor our values, explore different perspectives, and on some days we’ll just appreciate being. Together we will strive for wellness; better health physically and mentally.

I will be continuing on my journey and will share what I’m learning from you…as a life coach, running coach, and fellow human. The first lesson is patience. I was pleased when a coaching client decided last fall after 15 plus years of running that they would finally commit to tackling a marathon – in 2018!  I have also seen friends in my running club post about marathon aspirations two or more years out. It was a good reminder for me on the importance of planning and preparation; the need to get our bodies, minds and spirits ready to go the distance (and I’m not just talking about running here, but life).

If you’ve been following along you know I have missed a Boston Marathon qualifying time in my last three attempts. Since my last marathon in May, I have also become a bit of a slug (at least by my own standards). I had thought maybe I’d try again this spring, but decided I had other priorities. Fall wasn’t entirely out of the question, although in the end, when I sketched out my race calendar for this year, the marathon didn’t make the cut.  Inspired by smart runners, I intellegently decided to wait until spring 2018. In the 16 months between then and now, I am going to be strategic in how I approach my training and I’m going to share…so think about it. You in? Want to train with me?

The blog and the training plan are now reset for the New Year. For the next 69 weeks – as I count down to my daughter’s 18th birthday and high school graduation and I build my business – I’m going to use a running goal to keep my sanity. So tell me, you in? Its okay if you just want to walk.

img_3164Darlington County Park, Mahwah, New Jersey. January 2016.

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