Podcast S1|E22: Kurt Fliegel, Solutions to End Gun Violence

Kurt Fliegel, runner, concerned citizen, parent and grandparent, (and yes, my husband) discusses practical solutions to end gun violence. He answers the question, “what can I do” and provides a template that everyone can use today to create a personal plan of “positive, organized, networked action.” He is a supporter of Sandy Hook Promise, but suggests that you look at all the non-government organizations advocating for solutions and find the one which best aligns with your values and thinking.

I would also like to add that Kurt, having recent dental surgery, was reluctant to come on, but felt this cause was too important not to, although he was still a little self-conscious about his speech being less than normal. Sounded okay to me, 🙂 but I promised to put this disclaimer in.

Kurt’s template, which can be used to mobilize for this and other causes can be found HERE

Kurt can be found on Twitter: @kurtfliegel and Instagram (mostly running) @flglchicago

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