Podcast S1|E9: Robin and Dave Dubin KICK-off Colorectal Cancer Month

Three-time cancer survivor, Dave Dubin and his wife Robin Dubin are the founders of AliveAndKickn. They kick-off Colorectal Cancer Month with me today talking about what they are doing for Lynch Syndrome patients, what everyone needs to know about this genetic mutation, and how peer-to-peer fundraising is helping this cause.

Robin and Dave Dubin (right) at the Get Your Rear in Gear 5k in New York City. Riverside Park. October 2015.

Dave and I first met in 2008 as members of the inaugural class of Bergen LEADS. That was the about the time he was diagnosed with his third cancer. It wasn’t until I met Robin at a barbecue the following summer that I began to pay attention to Dave’s story and the genetic mutation that was affecting their family. So inspired by them, I helped with their first fundraiser (a soccer marathon!), served on their board (2013-18), and was one of their first peer-to-peer fundraisers. I wrote about them here a few years ago.

Join us as we catch up with what the now 10-year old organization is doing and has achieved in their short history, plus how you can get involved.

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