Group Coaching

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For Corporate Training and Team Building, Non-Profit Fundraisers and other groups…

This is a group training program that will have participants race ready in a matter of weeks, and connected to themselves in a whole new way. It’s a new twist on 5k to Marathon beginner/returning training for corporate wellness and team building initiatives, community groups, non-profit fundraising teams, and individuals. thecausecoach coaches body, mind and soul.

If you are a business, non-profit organization, community group, or a bunch of friends wishing to train together, you can form your own group. As a certified running and personal/professional development coach with 20 years of non-profit management and fundraising experience, thecausecoach, will have participants race-ready, accomplishing personal and professional goals, and helping raise more money for your cause through the running event. Don’t let running long distance and fundraising be as intimidating as it sounds!

Program includes:

  • Beginner and intermediate training plans
  • Assigned workouts designed to have participants race ready
  • 8-16  weekly (depending on distance) in-person coached training sessions, approximately one-hour each (or virtual coaching if outside the Chicago market)
  • Guided warm-ups and cool-downs to learn proper conditioning for injury prevention and recovery
  • Tips on stretching, strengthening, cross-training and nutrition to maximize results
  • Personalized individual personal and professional development coaching
  • Unlimited email check-ins and support
  • Fundraising tips, tricks & best practices to maximize Cause support
  • Facebook group to connect with other members of thecausecrew for support and group run opportunities
  • thecausecrew technical tee

Click HERE to discuss the needs and goals of your group and to request a proposal.

Are you an individual looking to join a group?

You’re saying “I need to do something.” You have this innate desire to be and do something more. Maybe you are simply looking for better health and wellness and you want a push to get started.  Maybe you’re excited about connecting with with like-minded people on a similar journey. Or maybe it’s bigger than that! Are you looking for a new sense of self and purpose? If this sounds like you, then join us.

At the conclusion of this program, you will have completed your goal race, connected with like-minded individuals, developed skills to keep you motivated, and will feel healthier in body, mind and spirit. You will have more confidence and be ready to tackle the next big thing.

Virtual Training Groups Starting Soon. Click HERE to join. 


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