What are doing wrong raising boys?

I know from my experience with my own husband, and what I learned from my involvement with Let Me Run, that we need to do better for our boys. This is a very interesting read.

“While following the conventional script may still bring social and professional rewards to boys and men, research shows that those who rigidly adhere to certain masculine norms are not only more likely to harass and bully others but to themselves be victims of verbal or physical violence. They’re more prone to binge-drinking, risky sexual behavior, and getting in car accidents. They are also less happy than other guys, with higher depression rates and fewer friends in whom they can confide.”

From The Atlantic

Come in for a beer, adopt a dog…interesting idea

“Patrons who stop by to enjoy food and drinks have the opportunity to interact with the bar’s adoptable dogs in hopes of taking one home. If someone finds one they love, they do have to wait three days before taking the dog home to ensure alcohol was not a factor in the decision-making process.”

What do you think?

Attention teachers…

“Anyone who seeks to understand American public education needs to run at least one marathon. Yes, pounding the payment for 26.2 miles is painful, time-consuming, frustrating, and a bit insane, but so it is for millions of students who take the journey from kindergarten through high school.”